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Brisbane’s Professional Osteopaths in Ashgrove & Nundah

Whether you’re looking for physical therapy, rehabilitation or a therapeutic massage, Discover Osteopathy now has two clinics in North Brisbane for your convenience in Ashgrove and Nundah and have the best hands in the business to get you back in shape and enjoying more of life.

We believe in taking on a holistic approach to your health; as such, our core focus is on the relationship between the skeleton, joints, connective tissue, muscles and nerves and how they function as a cohesive unit.

As a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association, you can rest assured we are qualified professionals who strive to deliver the best patient-centric service as possible. If you live in Grange, Arana Hills, Bardon, Nundah, Paddington or Brisbane’s north side and are in need of an osteopath, our osteopathy clinics are conveniently located in the heart of Ashgrove and Nundah Village.

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What does a visit to an osteopathy clinic involve?

A system of complementary medicine, osteopathy involves the treatment of medical disorders via the manipulation and massage of the musculoskeletal system – that is, the skeleton and muscles.

Osteopaths understand the vital link between the structure of the body and the way in which it function. Therefore, they take on a holistic approach to treatment, believing that the body’s potential to heal itself can be unlocked via the right combination of manual techniques.

Treating the whole body is the best approach to health and wellbeing, and our osteopaths are ready to assist clients from Arana Hills, Grange, Paddington, Nundah, Bardon, Red Hill and the rest of Brisbane’s Northside.

Osteopathy services North Brisbane can rely on

At Discover Osteopathy, our experienced osteopaths will use a range of techniques to massage and manipulate muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons – with the aim being to restore harmony within the body.

We regularly see patients who are suffering from a wide range of complaints, such as headaches and neck pain, sports injuries and muscle strains, back pain, sciatica, whiplash injuries, posture problems, arthritis, disc pain and tendinopathy issues.

As a team comprised of qualified osteopaths and a professional remedial massage therapist, at Discover Osteopathy clinic we work in unison to deliver the best holistic treatment plan for each and every patient from Arana Hills, Grange, Paddington, Bardon, Nundah and the rest of Brisbane’s Northside.

Don’t put it off any longer, schedule your appointment today at Ashgrove or Nundah’s premier allied health centre and get the most out of your year. Our osteopathic clinic’s are conveniently located on the north side of Brisbane, close to Grange, PaddingtonArana Hills, Nundah, Bardon, Windsor, Hamilton and surrounding suburbs.

To book an appointment at our osteopathy clinic,


Ashgrove (07) 3366 6831.

Nundah (07) 3260 5154


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